Fish restaurant in Fiumicino

Authentic and traditional cuisine

Ristorante Diportista is the ideal location in Fiumicino to host romantic meals, business lunches or dinners, or at which to mark special occasions and anniversaries.

It represents passion for and dedication to the art of cooking, hospitality and the sea, from which the main ingredients of our dishes come.

Ristorante Diportista:

Eat fish in Fiumicino

Ristorante Diportista is the fish restaurant that opened in via Monte Cadria 95 inside the Blue Dolphin private marina.

Tradition and authenticity, a combination that gives rise to dishes that surprise with their aromas, flavors and character.

A Location with two Panoramic Terraces

Two panoramic terraces ideal for eating a good seafood dish, or simply enjoying an aperitif with the sun setting behind us.

A restaurant that is worth the trip for those departing from Rome, or worth the stop for those who are heading to/from the “Leonardo da Vinci” airport in Fiumicino. A meeting point for locals and for yachtsmen, passionate about sailing and motor boats.

Caught, Cooked and Eaten

At Ristorante Diportista, you can find a menu designed for all Gourmets of Italian Cuisine based on the catch of the day, with respect for sustainability.

Traditional recipes are fully respected, the masterful touch of our chefs gives life to dishes that hold, within them, the authentic flavor of the sea.

The Wine List

The Wine List is based on a selection of White Wines and Sparkling Wines to be combined with our menu, offering our customer value for money: more attention is paid to the quality of the product than to the renown of the labels.


Respect for tradition and the essence of the flavors of the sea,

for authentic and unforgettable tastes.