Work with us

Are you motivated?

Are you passionate about food and wine?

Do you like to make people happy?

Are you looking for a restaurant that allows you to balance your work and private life?

The Diportista Company Culture

People are at the heart of our project.

You want them to be collaborators, whether they are suppliers and stakeholders in general, or end customers.

We aim to create an environment where people can collaborate, grow, have fun and experience in the most serene way possible that which for many is a “nuisance” called WORK.

“Choose a job you love, and you won’t work a day” – Confucius

A life worth living

We work to find the balance between achieving the aspirations of our employees and achieving the company’s objectives.

Together with our collaborators, we want to create a healthy organisational culture, based on shared values such as: transparency, trust, ethics, and collaboration.

The ideal candidate

We are looking for candidates who want to make the most of their talents within our kitchen and dining room staff. To work with us, the Ideal Collaborator must have the right attitude, because skills can be developed.

We are looking for “enlightened”, curious and creative people who want to grow and prosper in an innovative and stimulating environment.

Current opportunities